Because apparently comics are too high-tech for most of you people.

"but white people-" "but straight people-" "but men-"

But no.

Fun fact: “member of a majority” doesn’t mean “racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, sexist, douchebag!”








The last texts SR sent.

Thank you to their SO who sent these in and does not want to be identified by name.  They’d like to point out that Phoenix is a nickname and was not their preferred nor their legal name.  (They were a big FoB fan.)

-Number 2

Holy shit. Stop-Rapunzel killed herself. How do I even react to this? Well first off. My deepest condolences. I’m so sorry this has happened. Second. On this blog it says to not send anyone hate. So I’d like to say
Do Not Send Hate. This is un-fucking-believeable. I am so at a loss for words. I’m really sorry this has happened. -Hook

Absolutely disgusting.

Is this what you wanted, social justice warriors?
Is this what you wanted the culmination of your fight for so called equality to end in? Death? Someone taking their own lives?

What are you doing, what will you do now? Sitting in your first world country on your comfortable computer knowing that you killed a woman.
And yes, it’s as much your fault as much as Rapunkzelicious’ herself, would you like to know why?

Because you knew. You know.
You know and I know you know, that your movement is cancerous.
Pustules, disease rotting it from the inside out and yet you chose—choose, to do nothing about it. And you won’t now. Because I know you, I know you and yours and you don’t care, you never cared about anything or anyone you don’t care about social justice, you don’t even know what it means.

You just want an excuse to spew hate, an excuse to bully others, and I’m sure, I’m certain, that there are tumors now in your group sitting at their computers who don’t care, who approve even.


All of you, Killers by proxy.
I suggest you all take a good long look at yourselves, I suggest you take a good long look in the mirror and decide now if this is what you want social ‘justice’ to be. You all decide right now if this is the kind of thing, the kind of person you want in your movement. The kind that kills so willingly, so eagerly.

This isn’t justice.
This is murder.

~A seething, Moderator Dave

Just leaving this here.

The sad part? Even if this isn’t true, Rapunzel’s reaction probably is. She went out of her way to trigger stoprapunzel’s eating disorder by bombarding her with pictures of food, and has expressed delight over her critic killing herself.





Just a reference sheet for my followers. Seen a lot of people throwing around ‘Feminism’ as encompassing the ideals of all the movements, when that is in fact not the case. Modern feminism =/= Civil Rights feminism =/= Suffrage feminism.

3rd wave feminism makes me cry openly at night

WOW fuck you, 3rd wave is the most important one. 

whale chick confirmed for satire 


Anonymous asked: Definition of racism from the Oxford dictionary: Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. Oddly enough, it doesn't say anything about what types of races this applies to. It's almost as if anyone can discriminate against anyone regardless of their skin colour.





You really think you can come to me and tell me the definition of racism that was written by a white man? If you want to play it that way, then please look up the definition of sexism in the Oxford dictionary. I guess men can go through sexism too even though they dominate literally everything in the world.

Discrimination against whites is real, and prejudice also. But all of those are different than racism. Racism happens when there is power involved. Racism is power andprejudice, not one or the other. 

No race in the world has power of the whites, since they created that power by conquering with murder.

Bloggers be like “whites conquered everything by murder and slavery”.
Bloggers keep forgetting the most influential and longest running slave trade happened because of Arab slave traders.
Bloggers be forgetting not everywhere is a unique case like ‘murica and the western European world.
Bloggers be hella ignorant.

A little knowledge about world history goes a loooong way.

But SJWs will remain purposefully ignorant of it 


Dear Misandrists


The reason “most men are assholes” is because  most people are assholes.

So you can stop being sexist about it.


TumblrInAction is basically fox news reports on tumblr social justice: they are bent on distorting what happens and whipping up an angry/offended frenzy among a privileged slice of the world